Smart grid infrastructure and solutions

We offer best-in-class, smart grid infrastructure and software for metering, automation, data management and revenue assurance. Our solutions enable utilities around the world to optimize the complex, mission-critical systems that connect and power us.

Revenue assurance for utilities and municipalities

Our robust toolkit ensures the utility efficiently collects its revenue for sales of electricity, water, and gas. Customers can top up their prepaid meters and pay their municipal bills via secure, convenient channels.

Our solutions integrate into the municipality’s enterprise systems to ensure that billing and data are handled with the correct logic, and collections are remitted swiftly.

Using Galactic’s debt management functionality, municipal debt can be seamlessly collected via the customer’s prepaid utility purchases.

Metering for all power users, small and large

We supply smart metering equipment and software to securely and efficiently manage grid operations of both small and large power users.

You can remove the financial risk associated with your meter install by using Galactic’s affordable funding options.

Let us handle all the aspects of your metering project, from audit, design, modelling and finance, all the way to procurement, construction and operations.

Streamlined grid operations at every level

We equip utilities and utility resellers worldwide to bring power reliably and efficiently from the point of generation to the end power consumers

Revenue assurance

An end-to-end vending, distribution and financial management platform to give you peace of mind.

Grid analytics

Perform network-level optimization on bigger datasets with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Smart metering

Best in class metering systems to meet the needs of large utilities, municipalities, businesses, and homes.

TID Rollover

All our meter hardware and software systems are fully STS Edition 2 compliant. TID rollover refers to the token identifier base date change for metering technology running on the STS protocol.

In order to prevent customer’s tokens being rejected by their STS meters, meter owners must complete a TID rollover program before November 2024.

We only offer STS Edition 2 compliant equipment and solutions to guarantee 100% system uptime during the system transition.


Our grid technology is customizable and flexible to fit your project, and we provide all the features you need for a seamless energy integration.

System audits and consulting with experts with deep industry knowledge

End-to-end project design, EPC and management for quick and efficient work

Affordable funding options for your project

Caters to both small and large power users

All hardware and software is TID rollover compliant

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