Your utility, run by you

It’s easy to be an energy expert with Galactic’s no-frills customer service platform.

The best choice for your home, or business

We bring utilities all over the world closer to their customers by enhancing their service interactions. Galactic boosts every touch point the utility or reseller has with its end customers.

Are you a utility that needs a smarter toolkit to uplift utility sales? Or do you find reselling electricity to your tenants to be a headache? We take the pain out of metering, billing, collections, and customer experience.

A turnkey solution, with invisible integration

We offer a turnkey, white-label platform that engages the end customer for the utility or reseller.

Using robust APIs integrated with the customer meter, Galactic offers data insights on real-time usage, as well flexible tariff options, and end-to-end billing, settlement and reporting processes. With design features customized for your company, your customers won’t even know we’re there.

Getting the price right

All customers have their own needs. Our choices for buying power help you meet your energy needs in the most affordable way.

We believe utility costs should fall when wholesale prices drop. We harness the power of AI to accurately compute the best tariff for your needs.

Whether it's fixed or variable, we give you the power to pick the most cost-effective tariff plan for you, while making sure the grid operator or reseller fully recovers costs.

You should see, so you can save

Check exactly how much you're spending on electricity in real-time and get more accurate bills. Our platform effortlessly converts raw data into intuitive usage analytics and actionable insights.

Your smart meter will inform you if you’re on track with your utility budget – allowing you to change habits and save money.

Choose the way you pay

Paying has never been easier. Top-up anywhere with Galactic using your app or the web. Sign in, create an account or just pay. No more trips to the garage. No need to punch 20 digit codes into your meter*.

You can use your bank card or instant EFT. Let us take the pain out of your billing, settlements and reporting, so you can focus on what you do best.

Get the smart connection, today

Register for our smart customer package to get the convenience of a smart meter and our first class services